Empirical Model for Accurate Bandgap Prediction in Cubic Solids

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Adewumi I. Popoola
Babatunde S. Falaye


An empirical model is developed and tested on cubic solids for the calculation of bandgaps. The dataset for the model is derived from a semi-local approximation in which the local density approximation (LDA) treats the exchange-correlation energy and potential. The agreement between obtained result and experimental data is very good and is of the same order as the more expensive methods.

Semi-local approximation, exchange-correlation energy, bandgap, cubic solids.

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Popoola, A. I., & Falaye, B. S. (2020). Empirical Model for Accurate Bandgap Prediction in Cubic Solids. Journal of Materials Science Research and Reviews, 5(1), 1-6. Retrieved from http://journaljmsrr.com/index.php/JMSRR/article/view/30123
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