Thermoelectric Properties of Zn-doped CdO

Alima Mukasia, George S. Manyali, Henry Barasa, James Sifuna

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Preliminary Studies on the Effect of Size Reduction on Mechanical Properties of Kenaf Particle Reinforced Polymer (K-PRP) Composites for Industrial Application

E. U. Akubueze, C. S. Ezeanyanaso, S. O. Muniru, F. C. Nwaeche, C. O. Nwankwo, C. C. Igwe, G. N. Elemo

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Boundary Integral Equation Modeling of 2D Functionally Graded Anisotropic Structures

Saleh M. Al-Harbi, Alanod M. Sibih

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Adsorption Energies of Lithium and Sodium Ions on Vanadium Disulphide: A DFT Study

Gloria I. Murila, George S. Manyali, Henry B. Wafula

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Mechanism of Action of Antibacterial Activity of Biosynthesised Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles - A Review

N. Tensingh Baliah

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