A Review Investigation on Outdoor and Indoor Propagation Models

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V. O. A. Akpaida
F. I. Anyasi
S. I. Uzairue
A. I. Idim
O. Alashiri


Path loss exponent has turned out to be one of the key challenges that are been faced in the telecommunications sector both in Nigeria and other countries. There is a great need to take a critical look at the various mathematical methods and techniques that have been developed by many researchers of which are used in the calculation of signal loss in telecommunication industry. This article draws the conclusion that all the methods are accurate depending on the condition(s) or factors after reviewing over fifty (50) journals. It was therefore concluded that the method that is applied to a particular situation depends on the surrounding environments.


Path loss, propagation, models, signal strength

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O. A. Akpaida, V., I. Anyasi, F., I. Uzairue, S., I. Idim, A., & Alashiri, O. (2018). A Review Investigation on Outdoor and Indoor Propagation Models. Journal of Materials Science Research and Reviews, 1(1), 1-11. Retrieved from https://journaljmsrr.com/index.php/JMSRR/article/view/13131
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