2020 - Volume 3 [Issue 3]

Original Research Article

Physical and Morphological Characterization of Cement Particles for Adaptability to Electrostatic Precipitator Control

Jacob Ademola Sonibare, Stephen Ayodele Odewale, Tunde Victor Ojumu, Abiola Ezekiel Taiwo, Abiola Ezekiel Taiwo, Miranda Waldron

Page: 217-225

Antimicrobial Activities of Co(II) and Sb(III) Complexes of a Schiff Base Derived from S-benzyldithiocarbazate (SBDTC) and Cinnamaldehyde

Md. Kudrat-E- Zahan, Md. Faruk Hossen, Rausan Zamir, Md. Ali Asraf

Page: 226-236

Biogenic Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Pimpinella anisum L Seed Aqueous Extract and Its Inhibitory Action against Some Phytopathogens

Tahany G. M. Mohammed, A. A. Gomah, A. F. Abd El- Rahman

Page: 300-309

A Comparative Study on the Thermal Behaviour of Natural Rubber Filled with Carbon Black and Plant Residues

Njukeng Jetro Nkengafac, Angel Alegria, Silvia Arrese- Igor, Adolphe Edgengele, Ehabe Eugene

Page: 237-246

Rationally Designed Graphene Oxide-PVA Composite Fillers for Modern Manufacturing Applications

Bhavana Madhuri Itapu, Srikanth Itapu

Page: 310-319

Using Layer-by-Layer Self-Assembly in the Fabrication of Thin Films

Lokesh Sangabattula

Page: 247-252

Parametric Responses of Non-chemical and Chemical Treatments of Bagasse Filler Reinforced Low Density Polyethylene Composites

Sebastine A. Bam, David T. Gundu, Friday A. Onu

Page: 320-328

Mechanical Characterization of Fe-Co-2V (Hiperco): Fatigue/Monotonic Testing, Hardness Testing and Fractography

Elisabeth Keller, Tariq A. Khraishi, Kyle Johnson

Page: 253-270

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