2021 - Volume 4 [Issue 4]

Original Research Article

Analysis of Clad Bead Width Response on Mild Steel Metal Geometry Using Statistics

N. Umeh, Maryrose, Ejikeme, Ifeanyi Romanus, Anodebe Malachy Dilinna

Page: 370-380

Bending Behavior of Ferrocement Composite Semi Circular Light Weight Panels for Roof Construction

Yousry B. I. Shaheen, Zeinab A. Etman, Labiba A. Marzouk

Page: 462-494

Significantly Enhanced Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution over Cu2O Embedded on TiO2 Aerogels under Simulated Solar Light Irradiation

Liang Jiang, Kexin Wang, Ziyu Zeng, Wei Wang, Jiao He, Jiaqiang Wang

Page: 381-392

Experimental Approach for the Performance of EXPIRED Drug (Isoniazid) as Corrosion Inhibitor in Corrosive Environment

O. E. Obolo, D. T. Oloruntoba, J. O. Borode, Y. E. Gbadamosi, A. A. Banarbas

Page: 495-500

Comparative Study of Effects of Ado-Ekiti Moulding Sands on Some Metal Castings

A. J. Abegunde, P. O. Ajewole, I. O. Oni

Page: 393-402

Effective Communition Energy of Faya Clay, Using Determined Work Index (Modified Bond Energy Method)

J. P. Dodo, N. P. Dodo, O. O. Alabi

Page: 403-411

Chromatic Performance of High Index Plastic Optical Materials

Aristeidis Chandrinos

Page: 526-542

Production of Sustainable Building Materials Incorporating Electric Arc Furnace Dust and Meta-Kaolin

Moataz Ahmed Ali Kelany, Abdeen Mohamed Abd El Halim Attia El Nag, Hisham Moustafa Mohamed Khater, Mohamed Ahmed Rashed, Sawsan Mohamed Said Haggag

Page: 412-423

Nontoxic Approach to Porous Carbon Activation from Cassava Peels Using Sodium Thiosulphate for Supercapacitor Applications

T. E. Amakoromo, J. A. Amusan, O. E. Abumere

Page: 543-551

Resistance of Fortified Kaolin to Attack by Molten Frit

I. J. Akinruli, I. B. Kashim, T. Akinbogun, F. O. Aramide

Page: 552-561

Stability of the Performance of CuO and Au Nanoparticles Incorporated Polymer Solar Cells

Aruna P. Wanninayake

Page: 562-572

An Assessment on Waste Management Practices in the Construction Sites of Sylhet City

Gazi Tamiz Uddin, Md. Babul Mia, Tahmid Sadman, Md. Altaf Hossain

Page: 573-586

Novel White Light Emitting (Ca2MgSi2O7:Dy3+) Phosphor

Shashank Sharma, Sanjay Kumar Dubey, A. K. Diwakar, Sanjay Pandey

Page: 587-594

Synthesization of Monoclinic (Ba2MgSi2O7: Dy3+) Structure by Combustion Route

Sanjay Kumar Dubey, Shashank Sharma, A. K. Diwakar, Sanjay Pandey

Page: 595-602

Evaluation of the Chemical Composition of Awgu Clay Deposit for its Industrial Potential

Azinta Cyprian Obinna, Nevo Cornelius Ogochukwu

Page: 603-607

Characterization of Bacteria Isolates on Surface of Corroded Aluminium Coupon

S. L. Gbarakoro, K. Okorosaye-Orubite, L. Nyone

Page: 608-615

Effect of Submerged ARC Welding Parameters on Weld Bead Hardness of AISI 1020 Mild Steel by Taguchi Method

Erhuvwu Totore, Onoriode K. Idiapho, Ezekiel Aigbe

Page: 616-622

Thermal Properties of Biogas from Tea leaves Substrate

Joel Mokua, Joash Kerongo, Sebastian Waita

Page: 633-644

Structural and Opto-Electrical Properties of Cuprous Oxide Thin Film Prepared by Thermal Oxidation Technique

S. M. Kurawa, R. S. Getso, A. O. Musa, T. H. Darma, S. Shafie

Page: 645-650

Studies of Effects of Hydrochloric Acid Treatment on the Chemical Composition of Kaolin Clay

Azinta Cyprian Obinna, Omotioma Monday, Nevo Cornelius Ogochukwu

Page: 668-673

Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Study of BiNixFe1-xO3 (x=0-1) Spin-coated Ferrite Films

C. Serletis, G. Litsardakis, C. H. Papoulia, P. Ntetsika, I. Panagiotopoulos, E. Pavlidou, K. G. Efthimiadis

Page: 674-680

Characterization of Graphite Mineral of Ningi in North-Eastern Nigeria

B. Osasona, O. O. Alabi, F. O. Aramide

Page: 681-687

Photodegradation Efficiencies of MIL-53(Al) of Dyes

Michael Akrofi Anang, Ruphino Zugle, Baah Sefa-Ntiri

Page: 688-700

Review Article

Bio-inspired Green Formulation of Various Metal Nanoparticles: A Review

Nishat Bhatia, Asha Kumari, Ambalika Sharma, Rahul Sharma

Page: 424-461

Periwinkle Shell Composite Materials in Adsorption and Photocatalysis: A Review

Nkwoada Amarachi, Onyedika Gerald, Oguzie Emeka, Ogwuegbu Martin

Page: 512-525

Cotton Stem Fibers and Natural Binders for the Manufacture of Thermal Insulation Panels: State of the Art of the Last Decade

Osseni A. Sèmiyou, Lokossou M. Melon, Osseni O. G. Sibiath, Vodounnou Edmond Claude, Ahouannou Clément

Page: 651-667

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