2021 - Volume 4 [Issue 2]

Original Research Article

Assessing the Performance of Concrete Mixed with Different Water Sources within Small Scale Mining Catchment Areas in Ghana

Peter P. K. Yalley, Emmanuel Appiah-Kubi, Emmanuel Osei-Tweneboah, Charles K. Kankam

Page: 215-229

Molecular Characterization of Hydrocarbon-utilizing Rhizobacteria from Hydrocarbon-impacted Mangrove Soil in Ogoni Land, Nigeria

Abiye Anthony Ibiene, Caroline Nchedo Ariole, Kenneth Chinedu Owunezi

Page: 147-158

Biosynthesis and Characterization of Algae oil Obtained from Chlorella vulgaris

I. Saidu, G. O. Abu, O. Akaranta, F. O. Chukwuma, S. Vijayalakshmi, J. Ranjitha

Page: 230-240

Strength Characteristics of Recycled Polyethylene Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Abdullai M. Ghadafi, Charles K. Kankam

Page: 159-167

Review Article

A Review of Polymers and Plastic High Index Optical Materials

Aristeidis Chandrinos

Page: 185-198

Mechanical and Impact Strength of Nanoclay-Filled Composites: A Short Review

Kailasanathan Chidambara Kuttalam, Ganesan Karuppiah, Murugesan Palaniappan, Carlo Santulli, Sivasubramanian Palanisamy

Page: 133-146

Review on Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Silver Sulphide Quantum Dots

Ambalika Sharma, Rahul Sharma, Nishat Bhatia, Asha Kumari

Page: 168-184

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