2022 - Volume 5 [Issue 1]

Original Research Article

Effect of Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate (SDS) and Electrochemical Behavior of Electrodeposited PbO2 on Nickel Substrate for Lead Acid Battery Application

Most. Sabina Yasmin, Md. Saiful Islam, C. M. Mustafa, Md. Mayeedul Islam, Md. Al-Amin, Most. Ripa Khatun

Page: 55-68

Comparative Characterization of Novel Schizachyrium Exiles Leaves and Raffia Africana Otendor for Materials Potential

Nwoko Christopher, Nkwoada Amarachi, Igbomezie Maryann

Page: 13-21

Mathematical Model for the Cyclical Dynamics of Plastic Waste Management: A Two-state Closed Model

John Awuah Addor, Eric Neebo Wiah, Felix Illesanmi Alao

Page: 69-90

Gravimetric Corrosion Tests and Surface Analysis of SUS 310S in Model Seawater

Md. Saiful Islam, Most. Sabina Yasmin, Masatoshi Sakairi

Page: 22-30

Formation of a Mature Biofilm of Enterococcus Faecalis in Root Canal and Its Treatment Using Gold Nanorods

Vivian-María Galdámez-Falla, Juan-Carlos Castillo-Martínez, Idania de Alba-Montero, Nuria Patiño-Marín, Nereyda Niño-Martínez, Facundo Ruiz, Gabriel-Alejandro Martínez-Castañón

Page: 31-43

Prognostic Model for Optimal Cost and Material Management in Nigeria Building Construction Industry

Bamitale Dorcas Oluyemi-Ayibiowu, Fredrick Gboyega Ayodele, Olaolu George Fadugba, Lucia Omolayo Agashua

Page: 116-125

Structural, Morphological and Optical Characterization of Copper Antimony Sulphide CuSbS2 Thin Film Deposited by Spin Coating for Photovoltaic Applications

Clement Sichangi, Henry Barasa Wafula, Victor Odari, Albert Owino Juma

Page: 44-54

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