2023 - Volume 6 [Issue 3]

Short Research Article

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Geopolymer Synthesized from Alternate Source Laterite

K. D. Oluborode , K. B. Yunus , D. S. Oluborode

Page: 370-374

Minireview Article

Review Study on the Interface between Ultra-High Performance Concrete and Ordinary Concrete

Yang He , Jiayu Duan , Xiao Bo Chen

Page: 530-539

Review on Mechanical Performance of Concrete Laminated Slabs

Xiaobo Chen , Bowen Li

Page: 583-589

Original Research Article

Tribological Behavior of Hybrid AA6061/SiC/Carbonized Coconut Shell Nanocomposites

Michael N. Nwigbo , Lasisi E. Umoru

Page: 248-257

Utilization of Bifunctional Catalyst for Biodiesel Production from Palm Kernel Oil

C. C. Okoye , C. F. Okey-Onyesolu , O. E. Achugbu , E. N. Anekwe , C. Nebolisa

Page: 284-293

Characterization of Recycled Fiber Material Made from Liquid Containerboard (LCB) and/or Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) – Evaluation of its Use by a Handsheet Study

Klaus Dölle , Nicole Byrnes , Sean Dristle , Tyler Fernandez , Mumin Hussein , Colby Krauss , Brody McCarthy , Paul Sausville , Johnny Schoen , Jack Slavinskas , Evan Wilson , Ian Wojcikowski

Page: 341-353

Optimization Study of Collector’s Absorber Coating Parameters for Solar Thermal Heat Collection Applications

S. O. Ekekwe , O. O. Mong , G. N. Nwaji , E. C. Ndulue , O. E. Obi , E. E. Anyanwu

Page: 397-406

Effect of Immersion Temperature on Mechanical, Water Absorption and Morphological Properties of Sodium Hydroxide Modified Fluted Stem Pumpkin Fiber Reinforced Polyester Bio-composites

Ogah Anselm Ogah , Izuchukwu Odinakachi Madu , Timothy Ukeme James , Eze Nkechi , Ohoke Francis Okemini

Page: 455-467

Computational Fluid Dynamics of Air in Forced Draft Counter Flow Wet Cooling Tower: Using Comsol Multi-Physics

Osa Aria Keavey, Larry Orobome Agberegha

Page: 477-497

Development of Porcelain Pot Mill for Processing Ceramics Raw Materials

Aliu Ebenezer Tayo , Shado Adeniyi Samuel , Adewusi F. Oluwaseun

Page: 516-522

Characterisation of Some Selected Clays from Ekiti State for Refractory Application

O. O. Oke , O. B. Nenuwa

Page: 523-529

Incorporating Rice Husk Ash in Metakaolin-Based Geopolymer Binder

Maria Kaka Etete Enoh , Cynthia Samuel Abima , Ekanem Benedict Agbonko , Mfon Udo Obot , Milliscent Orok Ededet

Page: 540-547

Comparative study on the Structural Properties of Lightweight Ferrocement Beams with Different Core Materials: In case for Experimental and Numerical Results

Yousry B. I. Shaheen , Mohamed El-Sabbwy , Dina Ahmed Hosney El-Bordeny

Page: 548-571

Simulation Study of Bi-Metal Strips from a Centrifugally Casted Manufacturing Technique Using ANSYS

R. Allwin Yesuvadian , B. Sandeep , K. J. Yogesh Kumar , K. S. Keerthiprasad

Page: 627-637

Development of Zirconia-Based Opaque Glazes Using Mid-Temperature Glaze Using Raw Materials from Kogi State, Nigeria

Aliu Ebenezer Tayo , Ogunleye T. Christopher , Adewusi F. Oluwaseun

Page: 638-648

Review Article

Beyond Waterproofing: Exploring the Emerging Frontiers of Superhydrophobic Coatings in Technology

N. H. Vasoya , R. P. Vansdadiya, K. B. Modi

Page: 238-247

Natural Materials and Methods Used in Water Purification: A Review

Gina O. Ihekweme , Mohammed Saidu , Bello Abdulkadir , Victoria N. Anyakora , Ifeyinwa I. Obianyo

Page: 258-283

The Role of Technological Textile Design in Preventing Child Abduction

Amine Haj Taieb , Hanen Zribi

Page: 354-369

In-Depth Review and Analysis for the Applications and Manufacturing of NFRPCs

Haitham Abdullah Khamis AlAdwani , Khadersab Adamsab

Page: 375-396

Design of Smart Textile Products for Visually Impaired People Sports Activities

Amine Haj Taieb , Balkis Ellouze , Savvas Vassiliadis

Page: 407-418

Bioceramics in Textiles: New Far Infrared Textiles Medical Applications

Amine Haj Taieb , Yosra Masmoudi , Savvas Vassiliadis

Page: 419-431

A Review of Wearable Technologies for Textile Daily Live Applications for Vision Impaired Persons

Amine Haj Taieb , Balkis Ellouze , Savvas Vassiliadis

Page: 432-440

X-chrome Materials for Textile Products Adapted to the Needs of Newborns

Amine Haj Taieb , Abir Baghdadi

Page: 441-454

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