Statistical Evaluation of the Impact Strength on Mild Steel Cladding Weld Metal Geometry

Achebo, Joseph I., Ezeliora, Chukwuemeka Daniel, Umeh, Maryrose N.

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Circular Economy: Inclusion Framework of Aluminium Scrap in the Indian Material Flow Process

Padma Priya, Zareena Begum Irfan

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Solvent Effects on the Structural, Electronic, Non-Linear Optical and Thermodynamic Properties of Perylene Based on Density Functional Theory

N. M. Sulaiman, L. S. Taura, Abdullahi Lawal, A. S. Gidado, A. Musa

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Optimization of Process Parameters for the Treatment of Crude Oil Spill Polluting Water Surface by Sorption Technique Using Fatty Acid Grafted Ogbono Shell as a Sorbent

D. O. Onwu, Ogbodo O. Nick, Ogbodo N. Cordelia, Christian O. Asadu, Onoh I. Maxwell

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Effect of Surface Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Filled with Dates Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) Particulates Composite

S. A. Kolawole, A. Danladi, B. M. Dauda, U. S. Ishiaku

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