The Use of Pineapple Fiber Composites for Automotive Applications: A Short Review

J. Sangilimuthukumar, T. Senthil Muthu Kumar, Carlo Santulli, M. Chandrasekar, K. Senthilkumar, Suchart Siengchin

Page: 39-45
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Optimizing the Efficiency of Eggplant Fruits Harvesting and Handling Machines

N. E. Nwanze, H. Uguru

Page: 1-10
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Optimizing Blending of Manufactured Sand with Offshore Sand Based on Physical and Virtue Characteristics

A. Branavan, K. M. C. Konthesingha, S. M. A. Nanayakkara, H. M. R. Premasiri

Page: 11-31
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Characteristic of an Oil Spill Site at Delta State, Nigeria

O. R. Akpomrere, J. Idisi

Page: 32-38
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Determination of the Calorific Value of Briquettes Made from Pinus caribae and Eucalyptus citirodora Sawdust

A. A. Ijah, S. A. Abubakar, A. O. Afolabi, J. T. Ayodele, R. Akanni- John, O. E. Olagunju, R. Suleiman, E. J. Zakka, M. S. Likita, O. Olukotun

Page: 46-50
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