Dr. Sandeep Rai

Dr. Sandeep Rai is Head R&D, GRP Limited, Panoli and also a Visiting Professor at Shroff S.R. Rotary Institute of Chemical Technology, Ankleshwar, Gujarat, India. He received a PhD in polymer chemistry and has 25 years of rich industrial experience in R&D, Product Development and R&D Project Management related to Synthetic rubbers, Engineering Plastics & Modification of natural polymers. He worked in reputed multinational companies like Eliokem, France, Synthomer, Germany/ Malaysia in Global R&D centres and application development departments. His area of research interest includes the block and graft copolymerization, thermally resistant metal complexes, emulsion polymerization, modification of natural polymers, NBR/PVC blends, polymers for photovoltaic, biodegradable polymers etc. He has published more than 45 peer-reviewed research publications in reputed journals including 5 book chapters.