Dr. Vinicius Pedrazzi

Graduated in Dentistry, School of Dentistry of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo (1987), where he also took dental residence in Endodontics (1988 and 1989), has two Specialist titles: in Endodontics and Prosthodontics. Has Masters (1996) and Doctorate in Dentistry (1999), both in Oral Rehabilitation Program by FORP / USP. He is currently Full Professor (MS-6), University of São Paulo, was responsible for Professional Discipline of Integrated Clinic during 5 years, acting on the following topics: bioadhesive systems for modified release of drugs, preventive dental materials and correlatives, dental prosthesis, Dental Implants, Endodontics, Halitosis and Herpes simplex treatment. I am Leader of 2 Registered Research Groups at CNPq (authorized): 1. Preventive Dental Materials: Molecular and Clinical Diagnosis; 2. Research in Dental Clinic. Chairman of Culture and Community Engagement (CCEx FORP / USP - 2008/2018) and Coordinator of the Board of Cultural Action and University Community Engagement at USP. Attended to 122 Congress and presented 171 abstracts / panels published in conference proceedings, has 98 full papers published, 7 books or book chapters, 93 manuscripts published in newspapers and magazines. Granted 50 interviews through radio, news, magazines and television, he is Project Coordinator, and holds 200 Courses and Lectures. Is Ad-Hoc Advisory (Referee) from FAPESP, CAPES and 40 national and international journals; assessor / evaluator SBPq-O. Responsible or Associate Research for 40 Research and Community Engagement Projects, is Member of the editorial board of 21 journals, was Professor Honored, Paranymph and Patron for 25 occasions, and name of the 77th Class of Dental Graduating at FORP / USP. Received 25 awards for paper presentations at conferences. He served as Surgeon-Dentist and Dental Health Coordinator of the City of Cravinhos - SP for 13 years, where City Council Chamber honored him for the services rendered to the Cravinhos population. He worked as a clinician (Oral Rehabilitation) in private practice for 14 years. Full Advisor's (MSc and PhD) Program and Area of Oral Rehabilitation FORP / USP (2002-2012). Directed 22 Scientific initiations, 19 End of Course Work, 17 trainees PAE, 9 Masters Scholars and 10 PhDs. Counts 110 guidelines on levels graduation and post-graduation. Participated in 259 examination boards in the levels of MSc, PhD, Free-Teaching and Teacher Selection Process for Hiring. He works as a researcher at the Research Group (EBD) - OHG (Oral Health Group) of the Cochrane Review, and a member of the Brazilian Oral Health Group - Cochrane Collaboration, established in 2007. Factor H has index = 19 and i10 = 28 (Google Scholar) and h = 13 (ISI/WEBOFSCIENCE) h index = 14 (SCOPUS), h-index = 15 and RG Score 43,85 (ResearchGate), being associated with the IADR since 2009.